Wedaarachchi sits in middle of Chamber in protest

Samagi Jana Balawegaya Hambantota district MP Dilip Wedaarachchi demanding solutions to a series of issues suffered by the fishing community, sat in the middle of the Chamber in protest during the Second Reading debate on Budget 2023 proposals yesterday (21).

MP Wedaarachchi sat in the middle of the Chamber after he finished his speech.During his speech, MP Wedaarachchi noted that fishermen who spend months in multi-day fishing boats do not get a fair price for the harvest.

MP Wedaarachchi pointed out that while the world is celebrating World Fisheries Day, Sri Lankan fishermen are struggling to survive.

He pointed out that there is a secret transaction pertaining to importing “Linna” (mackerel fish) to Sri Lanka from China. Due to this reason, local fishermen cannot get a fair price for their harvest, he further said.Following his speech, MP Wedaarachchi came into the middle of the Chamber and sat there for about 10 minutes.

The Deputy Chairperson of the Committee Angajan Ramanadan who was presiding in the Chair requested MP Wedaarachchi to stop his protest in order to carry out the business of the House. MP Wedaarachchi was then accompanied back to his seat by two SJB MPs.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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