WATCH: Japanese player clean room, fans sweep stadium after historic win over Germany

New Delhi: The Japanese football team as well as the fans have shown the world a marvelous gesture of cleanliness. Firstly, the team won a historic game against Germany in the field. They then went on to win the hearts of the world by cleaning their locker room before leaving.

Players clean locker room, fans clean stadium

On the one hand, Japanese players cleaned the locker room after the victory over four-time world champion Germany on Wednesday. On the other hand, the Japanese fans cleaned the stadium on the go.

FIFA tweeted photos and videos

FIFA posted a photo and video on Wednesday night of this beautiful gestures done by the team members as well as the fans. Japan’s locker room is looking absolutely neat and clean in the photo. Meanwhile, in the video, Japanese fans can be seen cleaning the stadium after the match. After this post, the Japanese are being praised a lot on the social media. wrote on their Twitter handle, “After an historic victory against Germany at the on Match Day 4, Japan fans cleaned up their rubbish in the stadium, whilst the @jfa_samuraiblue left their changing room at Khalifa International Stadium like this. Spotless. Domo Arigato.”

This is what they left behind too.

— (@FIFAcom) November 23, 2022

Video of Japanese fans cleaning the stadium 

Tidying up after one of their greatest #FIFAWorldCup wins

Huge respect to these Japanese fans #Qatar2022

— FIFA World Cup (@FIFAWorldCup) November 24, 2022

Historic victory over Germany

Japan registered a historic victory in the World Cup on Wednesday. He defeated 4-time world champion Germany 2-1. Germany were in a dominant position after scoring a penalty in the first half, but Japan came back in the second half, scoring 2 goals in 8 minutes to win the match 2–1.


— Kazuki Okamoto | オカモト・カズキ (@photofoot23) November 23, 2022


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