Watch 'Baby Holly' Who Vanished When Parents Were Murdered in 1981 Reunite with Family

Four decades after she vanished without a trace, “Baby Holly” reunited with the family she never knew she had.

“Good Morning America” captured 42-year-old Holly Miller hugging her grandmother Donna Casasanta, two of her aunts and other extended family members as they met for the first time in-person since Miller was identified as the missing child earlier this year.

“Oh my goodness, I know you from your picture,” said Miller during the emotional meeting. “I love you, thank you for all your prayers.”

“God kept me safe a protected all these years, I just want you to know that,” she added, as Casasanta, in tears, told her granddaughter, “We never gave up on you.”

More than 40 years after her mother and father were found strangled and beaten to death in a wooded area in Houston, Texas, the now-42-year-old “Baby Holly” was located in Oklahoma earlier this year — married with children and grandchildren of her own.

The bodies of Holly’s parents, Tina Gail Linn Clouse and Harold Dean Clouse Jr., were only identified last year through genetic genealogy, which brought some closure to the families. But they still didn’t know what happened to the baby.

Holly and her parents had not been heard from since 1980, after they borrowed Harold’s mom’s sedan to move from their New Smyrna home in Florida to the promise of a better paying job in Dallas. Harold wrote to his mom for a time, but in October of that year she received what would be his final ever letter, and never heard from them again.

The only clue Harold’s mom had relating to the disappearance was a mysterious phone call she received months later from a person who said they had her car in California, offering to bring it back in exchange for money. Donna agreed to meet them at the Daytona Speedtrack late at night, but tipped off police first.

There she met three women dressed in white robes, the leader of whom — “Sister Susan” — told Donna her son had joined a cult and wanted to renounce all his worldly possessions, and wanted to cut himself off from his family and his past. While police reportedly took the women into custody at the time, there was no record of it on file.

Baby Holly, her family learned, had been left at a church in Arizona by two barefoot women wearing white robes. Holly was later adopted, grew up, married and started a family of her own. She now lives in Oklahoma with her husband of 20 years, and has five children and two infant grandchildren.

The adoptive parents who raised Holly are not suspects in the case. The investigation into who abducted Holly, who killed her parents and why, is ongoing.

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