Vikas Divyakirti sparks ‘Ram-Sita’ row again; Calls to ban Drishti IAS takes over Twitter

New Delhi: Vikas Divyakirti of Drishti IAS who is an educator and runs the famous coaching center Dishti IAS has been caught in trouble. Divyakirti help students prepare for UPSC Civil Services examinations.

While giving a lecture in the class to his students he compared Hindu Goddess Sita with ghee contaminated by a dog. Claiming a Sanskrit author he quoted Ram as saying, “I did not fight this war for you but for the respect of my lineage. Like ghee licked by a dog is not fit for eating, you Sita, are not fit for me.”

Divyakirti gave clarification too

Divyakirti also clarified that these verses could not have been said by Ram himself but it is author’s way of expression. This section, however, has not been included in the Tulsi Das’ version of Ramayana which is majorly popular today.

However, followers of the Hindu religion, and many politicians are taking this particular statement as an attack on their religion. Users on Twitter are posting tweets and criticizing this statement along with the trending hashtag #BanDrishtiIAS.

Retweet If You Want . #BanDrishtiIAS

— Dr. Prachi Sadhvi (@Sadhvi_prachi) November 11, 2022

Many users are claiming that there is not weight to Divyakirti’s statement as it is not backed by any authentic source or version of Ramayana. As per scriptures, Sita and Ram were separated after allegations against Sita after she was abducted by Ravana.

There is no mention in any of the authentic Ramayan (Valmiki Ramayan, Anand Ramayan, Ramcharitmanas or Adhyatma Ramayan) that Rama compared Sita with a dog.

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