Top 8 plants every employee should keep at office desk for good Vastu

New Delhi: The majority of offices have switched from being online to being offline as the globe tries to return to normal. While making the change may seem like a lot of work, by setting a positive tone for your day, you can feel less stressed, which will make it easier for you to stay happy, focused, and productive all day.

Since you spend most of your day at your desk, decorating it might be the first step in creating a positive work environment. Additionally, adding an indoor plant will make it more vibrant. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, indoor plants can reduce stress and shield you from harmful energy.

Did you know that office plants may improve the look of your workspace while simultaneously purifying the air? Are you trying to decide what kind of plant to put on your desk at work? Vastu claims that having a plant at your desk at work will increase concentration, improve mood, and increase productivity.

Here are some plants that every employee should keep at their office desk according to Vastu Shastra: 

1. Snake Plant

It serves as a source of inspiration. Floweraura claims that it can also get rid of four significant poisons. It increases the amount of oxygen in the space, lowers stress levels, and creates a healthy environment.

2. Lily Plant

A Lily plant on your desk at work encourages joy, harmony, and tranquility.

3. Bamboo Plant

This plant aids in clearing the space of any unfavorable energy. This bestows luck and happiness.

4. Money Plant

This plant not only improves the aesthetics of your desk at work, but it also brings luck and success. Keep in mind that for the greatest effects, place it facing north or east.

5. Banana Plant

This plant is revered and regarded as holy. Keeping a banana plant, according to Her Zindagi, guarantees that Lord Vishnu himself would protect your home. It tends to make the family members happier and will keep your family protected from any illegal activities. Additionally, it maintains the air in your house clean and fresh.

6. Basil (Tulsi) 

Tulsi, often known as holy basil, is revered and thought to be very auspicious. It must be positioned in either the North, East, or North-East blend direction. Its leaves purify the circulatory and digestive systems by taking pollutants out of the blood. Its job in Vastu Shastra is highly regarded because it is also a fantastic air cleanser. Make sure the basil receives enough light and air.

7. Lotus Plant

The lotus, or Nelumbo nucifera, is a symbol of morality, strength, and purity. It should be placed in front of the workplace for the best results. It might also be placed within the workplace. The lotus is linked to Lakshmi, Lord Buddha, and the Goddess of Wealth. The lotus is one of the best interior for offices, according to Vastu, as its presence draws prosperity and wealth.

8. Peony Plant

Peonies radiate beauty and good vibes. It improves the ambience of their surroundings. Additionally, it fills it with harmony and positivity. It ought to be situated facing southwest at the workplace.

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