Swiggy issues sexual harassment policy for female delivery executives

New Delhi: Swiggy has established a policy for such situations because female delivery workers are not protected under workplace sexual harassment regulations whether the harasser is a client or other person affiliated with the business, as per a report by Moneycontrol.

After the initial investigation is complete, no additional female delivery executive from Swiggy will be assigned to that customer if the harassment takes place at their location. Even if the client switches locations, the customer’s number will be highlighted to ensure that a female executive is not assigned.

Additionally, customers who commit serious offences that are subject to legal penalties will be kicked off the Swiggy site.

“At any point, the woman delivery executive can raise a police complaint against the respondent and this policy doesn’t limit that. In such cases, we will always support the authorities in the investigation,” the company said.

“In case of a sexual harassment case arising due to customers, male counterparts, restaurant partners, and Swiggy employees, the woman delivery executive can reach out to Swiggy’s Emergency SOS number for support,” it added.

In such circumstances, the woman delivery partner may file a complaint with Swiggy’s local team after requesting immediate assistance. A POSH case would be created if a Swiggy employee was the offender because of their contractual obligation to the company.

Following an initial examination by an internal committee led by a woman, the delivery executive will receive instructions on what to do.

The business will, for example, assist the impacted delivery partner with the IPC provisions that are available, provide assistance with the filing of a complaint, and assist the law enforcement authorities with their investigation.

The SOS button on the Swiggy delivery executive app offers round-the-clock assistance and connects executives to an ambulance, the neighbourhood police station, or the Swiggy helpline as needed.

If delivery executives believe a location to be risky, they are free to refuse deliveries without being asked or given any penalties.

“This process gives us intel to continuously map and avoid unsafe neighborhoods, especially for women delivery executives. Our tech team is currently working on a solution to make sure that no woman delivery partner is assigned to potentially unsafe locations,” said Swiggy.

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