Sophia Grace Reveals Sex of Her First Baby: 'When I Found Out, I Wasn't Shocked'

Sophia Grace Brownlee has revealed the sex of her baby.

The 19-year-old “Ellen Degeneres Show” alum broke the news on her YouTube channel on Saturday. Brownlee revealed she wouldn’t be throwing a huge reveal party as her family was already aware of the baby’s sex but saved an announcement video for her fans.

For the video, Sophia Grace cut into a sex reveal cake with a blue surprise center, a “classic gender-reveal balloon” filled with blue confetti and a confetti cannon.

“I’ve always wanted to do one of these,” she admitted.

The influencer also shared her family’s reactions to the news. “My family’s reactions were slightly different when I told them the gender,” she shared. “Some people were expecting it, and they said they already knew that it was going to be that, and some people were super, super shocked/happy because in our family we do tend to have more of one gender, so it was a little bit different.”

The “Teen Choice Award” winner admitted she had instinctively known she would be having a boy and “wasn’t shocked” when the news was confirmed by the doctors.

“I just felt from the start that I was going to be a boy mom, and I was going to have a boy, so when I found out, I wasn’t shocked,” she said. “Either way, I was going to be happy because I didn’t mind if it was a boy or a girl.”

Her boyfriend, father and cousin were more than thrilled another male would be joining their family since there were already “so many girls” in their family.

The baby’s sex reveal comes just two weeks after Sophia Grace announced her first pregnancy with her boyfriend who’s identity has yet to be revealed.

“I’m sure a lot of you gonna be very shocked because it probably was quite unexpected but I was very shocked when I first found out,” she said in her initial announcement video. “I’ve got used to it now and I’m super, super happy about it and I can’t wait to share this journey with you guys and definitely have lots of different content from what I usually have. I guess my channel might turn into something new. So I’m super excited and I just thought I would let you guys and know in today’s video talk about it a little bit.”

“So, currently I am 21 weeks. I just turned 21 weeks today,” Sophia Grace said in the initial announcement. “I have a couple of apps on my phone, so I know, like, exactly how many weeks I am. The baby is currently the size of a banana … if you’d prefer to say months then I’m five months, so I only have four months left to go. I’ve already done, practically more than halfway.”

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