SHOCKING! Tantrik kills couple by putting fevikwik in private parts

New Delhi: A sensational case has come to light from Udaipur in Rajasthan. Tantrik Bhalesh Kumar has been arrested in the murder of a lover couple in Kelabawadi area of ​​the district. He had made has made a shocking disclosure during interrogation. The 55-year-old Tantrik had killed both of them by inserting fevikwik in their private parts.

On November 18, the Udaipur police recovered the nude dead bodies of a woman and a man from the forest area of ​​Kelabawadi in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Both were identified as 30-year-old teacher Rahul Meena and 28-year-old Sonu Kunwar. The castes of the two were different and considering the methods of murder, the police initially suspected it to be a case of honor killing at the beginning of the investigation. However, when the police arrested the tantrik, the matter began to unfold and he confessed to the murder of the couple.

Rahul’s wife sought help from a tantrik

Rahul was already married. According to the information, the families of Rahul and Sonu used to go to the tantrik at the wishful Sheshnag Bhavji temple in Bhadvi Gudah and it was here that the two met. After the meeting, there was a physical relationship between the two, due to which Rahul had frequent quarrels with his wife.

After this his wife sought help from tantrik Bhalesh Kumar. According to the police, the arrested tantrik Bhalesh has been living here for the last seven-eight years and used to make amulets for people. The tantrik himself had become close to the deceased Sonu, due to which he informed Rahul’s wife about their illegal relationship.

Rahul had come to know about Tantrik’s misdeeds

Rahul soon learns that the tantrik had told his wife about her and Sonu’s relationship. After this, Rahul and Sonu threatened to defame the Tantrik by filing a false case of rape. After the threat, the tantrik feared that the false allegation might cost him the reputation he had built over the years, so the tantrik hatched a plan to take revenge on him. Police said the occultist bought about 50 tubes of feviquik and put them in a bottle. On the evening of November 15, he called Rahul and Sonu to a secluded area of ​​the forest and asked them to have physical relations in front of him. According to the police, when both were in action, the tantrik poured a bottle of feviquik on them.

Tantrik wanted to kill while making physical relation

Police said the tantrik’s motive was to kill Rahul and Sonu when both were having physical relations, so that when people found their bodies, they would be in an objectionable position and get away easily. Police said that Rahul and Sonu stuck to each other for a long time due to the use of Feviquik. Actually, the police told that in an attempt to get away from each other, their skin started peeling off. Rahul’s private part was severed from his body and Sonu’s private organ also suffered injuries. Police said that during this time the tantrik attacked both Rahul and Sonu. He slit Rahul’s throat and stabbed Sonu to death. After committing the crime, he fled from the spot.

Over 50 CCTV cameras scanned

Udaipur Superintendent of Police (SP) Vikas Kumar said that after the police found the body, they scanned the footage of 50 CCTV cameras installed around the area and detained around 200 people for questioning. Based on the evidence found during the investigation, the police suspected Tantrik Bhalesh Kumar of having a role in the couple’s death. He was taken into custody and during interrogation confessed to the murder. The police produced him in the court, from where he was sent to police custody for three days. They have found evidence of Bhalesh Kumar talking to Sonu on the phone and he will be questioned further in this regard. The police will also investigate the matter from the angle of love triangle.

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