SHOCKING! Man marries 6 women in different states, then THIS happened

New Delhi: A bizarre incident has come to light from the Jamui district of Bihar. Here man had 6 wives in 4 states. The incident came to light when was travelling in a train with his wife. At the time, the brother of another wife saw them. He insisted his brother-in-law to come to home. Following this, the entire matter was unveiled.

The matter has reached the police, although no action has been taken so far. A wife and her mother have made serious allegations against Chhotu. The entire incident is from Javatari area which comes under Barhat police station.  Chhotu works in Maa Sharda Orchestra in Deoghar of Bihar. Now the story of Chhotu has become a talking matter of the area.

Have children from all the wives

Chhotu’s shocking story is now coming to the fore. According to information, he used to get married wherever he went for orchestra work. Now he has 6 wives in states of West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand and Delhi. He last married in 2018.

He had earlier married Manju Devi in ​​Sundertand of Laxmipur police station area in Bihar. Earlier in 2011, he married Kalavati Devi in ​​Ranchi, Jharkhand, with whom he has 4 children. He has children from all the wives. He has not met Manju for a year and a half. It was Manju’s brother Vikas Das who met Chhotu at the railway station. When he told his brother-in-law to come to home and take his sister, Chhotu was shocked.

He left on pretext of bringing medicine

Manju’s mother says that her son-in-law had left home on the pretext of bringing medicine for her daughter and never returned. Manju says she wants to be with her husband. She does not mind the fact that he has done more marriages. Now his other wives are being ascertained.

People of the area say that Chhotu’s earning is very normal, but in spite of this he married  6 times. He has left the wives and children to fend for themselves. The women themselves are working to feed themselves and their children.

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