Scientists discover 48,500-year-old virus that can turn you into ZOMBIE

New Delhi: A frightening news is coming from Russia. European researchers have collected two dozen viruses from the Siberian region of Russia. In the lot, they have also collected a zombie virus and this can prove to be fatal for human life. Reportedly, scientists from the French National Centre for Scientific Research found 13 ancient viruses frozen in Siberian permafrost or permanently frozen ground. This has sparked the fears of yet another pandemic throughout the world.

Virus was buried in ice for over 48,500 years

In fact, scientists have claimed that climate change due to global warming is rapidly melting ancient permafrost. Due to this more than two dozen viruses have been revived which were earlier buried in ice for thousands of years. It has also been claimed that the “zombie virus”, which was stored in the ice for more than 48,500 years under the lake, has also become alive.

Pandoravirus Yedoma

According to a Bloomberg report, the oldest virus that has come alive is called Pandoravirus Yedoma (also know as P. Yedoma). It is being estimated that the virus is around 48,500 years old.

Earlier in 2013, a team of European researchers discovered this virus. At the time, it was said that the virus is around 30,000 years old. However, the virus which is found now is estimated to be around 48,500 years old.

It is also being told that due to this revival, there can be disastrous consequences on humans, animals and plants. Scientists say that even after being dormant and buried under the ice for thousands of years, it still remains very infectious.

Can infect humans and animals

The team includes researchers from Russia, Germany and France. They said that the biological risk of reviving the virus in the research was completely negligible. Viruses resurfaced due to targeted strains. These viruses are very dangerous. These are capable of infecting not just humans but animals too.

Will Global Warming wreak havoc?

In the report, scientists have also warned that due to global warming, the ice is melting, which will worsen climate change. This will decompose the methane buried in the ground. Due to which the greenhouse will be affected. Along with this, it is also being said that many more unknown viruses may come out.

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