Royal Enfield’s First Electric Bike: Picture surfaced

New Delhi: Royal Enfield keeps updating its range of bikes. The company has many bikes available from 350cc to 650cc. Although fans have been waiting for the Royal Enfield Electric Bike for a long time. Now the first image of this bike has come to the fore. The bike was internally named “Electric01”. Its design also looks quite unique.


So far, only the front part of the bike is visible. However, this revealed many details about the bike. It shows a neo vintage / classic style. The front suspension is also similar to that used on older bikes, giving the bike a retro appeal.

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It got round shaped headlights, apart from that, its fuel tank is also of traditional design. The chassis of the motorcycle is also quite interesting. It is divided into two parts and goes to the top and bottom of the fuel tank. Alloy wheels are also clearly visible on the bike.

Launched details

The bike you see in the pictures is in the initial stage. It takes a long time to start. The company calls this the QFD (Quality Function Development) concept. Royal Enfield often conducts long road tests before launching any motorcycle. However, it is definitely confirmed that the neo-retro style will be seen in the company’s first e-bike.

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