Quick steps will be taken to resolve Northern and Southern people’s issues – President

President Ranil Wickremesinghe said that he is ready to bring together all the people, Sinhala, Tamil, and Muslim, in providing solutions to the Northern problem. He also said that he wished for all the people of this country to live as children of one mother even by the 75th Independence Anniversary.

The President was inaugurating the Presidential Secretariat Northern Province Co-ordination Sub-Office in Vavuniya yesterday (19).

“The people of the North as well as of the South have been suffering for a long time due to various reasons and steps will be taken to resolve their issues,” the President said.

The President presented housing deeds to 30 symbolically of 120 recipients at the Vavunia District Public Servants’ Housing Scheme during his visit. In addition, financial aid was presented to another 12 symbolically of 96 claimants for property damage due to the war in the North.

In addition, symbolising the distribution of fertilizer to farmers in the Vavuniya District, the President distributed fertilizer to several farmers.

“The problems facing by the people of the North could be discussed at this office. MP Kader Masthan said that everything was done for the people of Jaffna only. So we have opened an office in Vavuniya as well. An officer from the Presidential Secretariat will coordinate these matters. I believe that officers from the various ministries should come to this office and look into resolving the issues of the Northern people. All the issues facing by the people must be resolved.

“We must provide solutions to the problems caused by terrorism and the problems of the Northern people. Muslims too have questions about their rights in Sri Lankan society. The upcountry people also have various problems. There is a social opinion that all these problems should be solved. So this is the best time to resolve all these problems. These issues must be systematically resolved. I will discuss these matters with the Sinhala, Tamil, and Muslim communities and provide solutions to resolve these issues without dividing the country.

“First, we must dispel the people’s mistrust. Once we all start working together, this mistrust will fade away.

“The people who suffered due to the war will get solace. We have come a long way since 1983. We have also come a long way since 2009. It brings to mind a line from the National Anthem which states, “living as children of one mother”. My wish is that we can live as children of one mother at least by the 75th Independence Anniversary,” the President said.

Fisheries Minister Douglas Devananda said that in 2015, MP Sumanthiran promised to provide solutions for the issues of the Northern people. “However, due to some reason, this promise was not fulfilled. Now, what is gone is gone,” the Minister said.

“Let’s take steps to resolve the problems facing by the Tamil people in the future. We are glad that the Tamil National Alliance is flexible in this manner. If we work in unity, I am certain we could resolve the issues facing by the Tamil people and the country,” the Minister said.

MP Selvam Adaikkalanathan said that all are very happy about this historic occasion. “I thank the President for establishing an office regarding the development of the North. We believe that the problems of the Tamil people will be resolved very quickly,” the MP said.

MP M.A. Sumanthiran said that the President has worked to provide solutions for the problems of the people of the North during his tenure as the Prime Minister as well. “In 2015, as the Prime Minister, he worked to provide a solution to the problems of the people of the North. But due to certain shortcomings, we were unable to get it. Today he has become the president. Therefore, we are confident that the problems of the people of the North would be solved. While extending our support for President’s programme, we urge him to resolve the issues facing by the Tamil people,” Sumanthiran said.

Urban Development and Housing State Minister Tenuka Vidanagamage, Rural Development State Minister Kader Masthan, Parliamentarians Kulasingha Thileeban, Northern Province Governor Jeevan Thiagarajah, President’s Secretary Saman Ekanayake, Vavuniya District Secretary P.A. Sarathchandra and several government officials were present.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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