Probe into abduction of Police Sergeant in CBK’s security detail

A senior police officer said that an investigation has been initiated regarding a complaint received by Veyangoda Police that a police sergeant who is a regular member of the security detail of former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge was abducted, kept locked up in a house and robbed of Rs.40,000.  

This police sergeant told the Veyangoda police that on November 2 he came to the Veyangoda railway station with his brother-in-law from his house to board the train to travel to the workplace.

He told the police that when he alighted from the Maradana railway station and was walking towards the Gamini Hall junction, a group of people in a blue van had stopped near him and asked for directions to go towards Galle road. He told the police that they had forcibly taken him into the van and took him to a house and even gave him food and drinks.

He said that he spent that night in that house and in the morning some person had started scolding another saying, “You don’t know how to work properly. You have brought the wrong person”.

The alleged victim had said his abductors also had stolen Rs.40,000 rupees that he had, blindfolded him again and put him in a van and dropped him somewhere which later he learned was Beliatta.

Police say that the Sergeant’s wife had filed a complaint that her husband had gone missing on November 2 evening. The police are conducting further investigations.


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