Police officer involved in kidney racket under probe

Investigations have revealed that the police officer who is said to be involved in the kidney racket that is said to have taken place in connection with a private hospital located in Rajagiriya area, is an officer who has also served in the Western Provincial Intelligence Division.  

When it was revealed that this officer was involved in a kidney trade racket, he was working as the second in command of the two investigative units of the Colombo Fraud Investigation Bureau.

A written request has been made to the police authorities to remove him from the Fraud Investigation Bureau as a problem has also arisen with the officials of the Colombo Fraud Investigation Bureau regarding the conduct of this officer.

Police information revealed that this police officer was removed from his post in the Western Provincial Intelligence Division due to a problem related to intelligence reports.

He had worked in the Colombo Crime Division where he had been removed for his alleged involvement in irregularities into the investigation of the murder of the owner of Biyagama Village hotel.

Police information stated that an investigation has also been conducted against him. It has been found from the preliminary investigations conducted by the Colombo Crimes Division that the provision of kidney donors for money for the kidney transplants carried out in connection with this hospital is a racket that has been going on for some time.

Investigations have revealed that this racket was revealed to the media because the money promised to a broker who intervened to find various people to donate kidneys to the hospital was not paid.

Preliminary investigations have shown that this broker has been providing people for money to donate kidneys for a long time.


by dailynews sri lanka

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