PickMe tweaks algorithms to boost Colombo’s restaurant economy

PickMe has taken its technology interface a couple of notches higher, with the platform modifying its algorithms to introduce a new product that will provide more benefits for the company’s customer base, increase growth of its merchants and enhance rider income.

Zulfer Jiffry, CEO of PickMe says the company’s new product, ‘PickMe Pass’ is a natural progression for any technological platform that deals with algorithms.  “We live in an era where the digital economy impacts our lives on a daily basis. Our customers increasingly seek more convenience and better value for their money. This means finding ways to mix and match situations and issues we face, by finding solutions that will improve our lives.  Customers who wish to be a part of this new technology input, will have the option of paying a nominal fee, which will give them priority access to a range of benefits across the various product categories on the PickMe platform including benefits such as taxi matching, driver selection and customer service as well as getting full waivers on delivery fees.  While this will provide a higher level of service to our customers, it will also directly benefit our driver network, partner outlets and restaurants.”


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