Peradeniya Uni. Arts Faculty to re-open after two months

Academic activities at the Peradeniya University Faculty of Arts, which had been halted for almost two months due to a student’s disciplinary problem, will start from today (14).

Based on an incident in which a group of Arts Faculty students allegedly assaulted a group of students of the Law Department of the University on September 13 in the canteen premises, the teaching staff decided to withdraw from the teaching activities of the Faculty of Arts from Septemeber 23.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University Prof. Terence Madujith said that after obtaining written pledges from the students regarding several issues, including not harassing new students and allowing all students to use the university’s common areas without hindrance, they took steps to conduct the investigation.

“The Deputy Vice-Chancellor said that about 60 percent of the students have given a written pledge and student union representatives have given a verbal promise that the act of harassing new students will not take place again,” he said.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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