Office train timetables to be changed

It has been decided to completely change the train timetable of office trains plying in the mornings and the evenings considering the complaints made by train commuters on the train delays,” Sri Lanka Railways General Manager W.A.D.S. Gunasinghe said.

He further said the schedule of the coastal railway line was changed earlier by imposing speed limits as a result of the train delays caused by the dilapidation of the railway line and the timings of the other lines will also be changed in the same way.

The decision was reached in light of the complaints received from train commuters especially officer workers as they are unable to report to their work on time due to the train delays. However, the duration of some train journeys will be a little bit extended due to the imposing of speed limits for trains in short distances and this will not affect the long-distance trains,” he added.

He said that the timetable will be amended step by step.

It has also been decided to impose speed limits in order to operate trains at a slower speed along dilapidated sections of the railway tracks.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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