Now users can conduct ‘polls’ during meetings on Microsoft Teams

Microsoft: Meetings on Teams will be more interesting thanks to Microsoft’s introduction of “polls,” which give users the option to generate polls immediately using the Microsoft Forms app.

According to a formal report, this functionality will enable users to find the solutions they need without leaving their conference or group chat.

Go to the channel or chat you wish to put a poll in, then click Forms at the bottom of your Teams window, then add your question-and-answer options. This will post the poll in the Teams channel or give you rapid feedback in the chat pane.

Additionally, if you wish to allow numerous replies, click or tap the option next to Multiple answers. You may also choose to automatically broadcast the results after voting and/or maintain the anonymity of the respondents before selecting Save.

When you’re ready to post your poll, click Send after previewing it and clicking Edit if you want to make changes.

According to the report, the group conversation will show the poll results in real time as they are submitted by users.

Microsoft Forms may be a helpful tool for teams that require a quick way to start a poll during a meeting or online chat in order to obtain responses and input in real time, the report noted.


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