Now Uber Rides to notify riders when driver takes ‘unexpected routes’ in India

Uber Rides: Uber announced various new safety features for riders in India on Tuesday, months after publishing an audit report claiming a $446 billion economic impact last year. The safety elements support a recent initiative from the national government to make seat belt use in the back seats of four-wheelers mandatory. In addition, Uber states that in the future, its app will notify users if a driver takes an “unusual route” while a rider is in the vehicle.

According to a statement from Sooraj Nair, head of safety operations for Uber India and South Asia, the most recent steps “incorporate technology and human interventions.” “.

Three new versions of RideCheck are among the new features. Uber announced at a Delhi event earlier today that a part that previously served messages to riders on their app in the event that a driver took lengthy breaks between trips will also do so if a driver takes an “unexpected route.” “, or halts a journey before reaching the desired location.

Uber also announced the integration of its ‘SOS’ button with police departments in more cities as one of its safety features. The company said it is “in active talks with key metro cities” to expand the service, which is now only available in Hyderabad.

In the event of a safety emergency, users would be able to exchange important information, such as car and driver details and their current location, with police authorities.

The business also asserts that riders would have access to its live support helpline for up to 30 minutes following the conclusion of a trip. According to the business, “99% of incoming calls are answered within the first 30 seconds of the call being placed” by its call centres.

This year, a significant investigation by The Guardian exposed the US-based ride-hailing service’s involvement in lobbying lawmakers, evading raids with internal technology, and other related law-breaking.

Following the start of its service there in 2014, the firm apparently encountered numerous inspections there as well, according to the ‘Uber Files’ claims.

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