No serious threat of monkeypox here - Dr. Jeevandara

Health authorities informed people not to have unnecessary fears of monkeypox because it is transmitted only through very close contact. Sri Jayawardhanapura  University’s Allergy and Immunology and Cell Biology Institute Director Dr. Chandima Jeevandara said that the majority of cases of monkeypox infection in European countries are among men and that the virus is mostly reported among those who have had homosexual relationships.

He said that although this virus is mostly reported through people who have had same-sex and different sex relationships, this is not a sexually transmitted disease.

He said that this virus mainly spreads through the respiratory tract and there are also cases where the disease spreads through the skin through mucus.

The Health Ministry also confirmed that so far there are no reports of anyone getting monkeypox from the first monkeypox patient detected in Sri Lanka.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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