NLB to hold 5,000th draw of Mahajana Sampatha on January 14, 2023

The National Lotteries Board will hold the 5,000th draw of the Mahajana Sampatha Lottery on 14 January 2023.To mark this occasion, The National Lotteries Board has launched Mahajana Sampatha Jaya King, a 100-rupee double lottery ticket with many cash and valuable gifts as additional prizes to benefit the ticket purchasers.

Part 1: This gives the opportunity to win a prize worth over Rs. 10 million and a Rs. 2 million prize along with Rs. 100,000 prizes and other cash prizes.

Part 2 : Mahajana Sampatha Jaya King 5,000

First Super Prize – choice of first English letter and 03 winning numbers. Prize is a Super luxury SUV worth Rs. 11 million (approx.).

Second Super Prize – choice of second English letter and 03 winning numbers. Prize is Rs. 5 million.

03 winning numbers – Rs. 1 million prize (24 winners).

02 winning numbers & bonus number – Prize is Rs. 100,000 (100 winners).

02 winning numbers only – Prize is Rs. 5,000 (5,000 winners).

01 winning number – Prize is Rs. 100.

01 winning English letter – Prize is Rs. 100.

Motorcycle Lucky Number – 10 rows of 7 special numbers. Prize is a 125cc motorcycle (10 winners).

Weekly draw number for the customer promotion:

Arrangements have been made for the opportunity to win more prizes for those who SMS the 07 numbers on the lottery ticket to NLB numbers 811 and 989.

Draws will take place from 10.12.2022 to 07.01.2023 every Saturday, with the opportunity to win:

A gold bracelet

A gold coin

A mountain bike

An electric kettle

An iron

Mahajana Sampatha Jaya King 5,000 Special Lottery tickets”

1,000 prizes will be awarded weekly to a total of 5,000 prizes up to the special draw date.

The QR code on the back of the lottery ticket, when scanned, will provide the details of the draw for this customer promotion number, which will also be a novel experience.

Through this special draw NLB has given the people a chance to win a host of prizes as a reward for their loyalty up to the 5,000th draw.

Tickets for the 5,000th draw are limited so purchase your tickets quickly.

The National Lotteries Board will celebrate the historic 5,000th draw in grand style on the 14th of January 2023.

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