Mom Accused of Killing Daughter By 'Not Allowing Her to Come Up for Air' While Breastfeeding

29-year-old mom Celina Juarez was arrested and charged with homicide following the death of one of her 8-month-old twin children.

The San Jose Police Department confirmed they responded to a call of unconscious twins around 3:16pm PT on November 4, 2022. When they arrived, officers began CPR on the one child who wasn’t breathing, before medics arrived and took them both to local hospitals. One of the children was pronounced dead the next day.

Per a police release, Celina was caring for both of the babies at the time of the incident. Authorities say “during the preliminary stages of this investigation, she suffered from an unknown medical emergency and was subsequently transported to a local hospital where she remained until November 16.”

That same day, a warrant was issued for her arrest, charging her with homicide, and she was booked into the Santa Clara County Main Jail.

According to police, via KRON4 and KTVU, Juarez said she was trying to breastfeed the infants — who had been “fussy” all day. She usually bottle fed the children, but wanted to give them “proper nutrients” that day, according to authorities.

It’s then she allegedly picked up one of the babies and “intentionally pushed her baby very hard against her right breast, not allowing her to come up for air,” but the child didn’t “latch on” and began “gasping for air” and kicking her legs, court docs claim. Juarez allegedly said she continued to hold the child against her breast for another 10 minutes, before she placed the unconscious body on the bed, police say.

She then allegedly said she repeated the same process for the other baby, placing its also-unconscious body on the bed before waiting 20 minutes to call to her mother — who was home at the time — for help. They attempted CPR and chest compressions before Juarez’s brother came home and called 911.

A doctor told police the deceased child suffered respiratory failure and cardiac arrest, while the other is expected to make a full recovery.

According to the website for the Santa Clara County Main Jail, Juarez has not been released and is being held without bail. Her next court appearance is scheduled for December 12.

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