Michael Oher, Who Inspired The Blindside, Marries Longtime Girlfriend

Michael Oher, the former NFL player who inspired the Oscar-nominated movie “The Blindside” is married!

The 36-year-old tied the knot with his girlfriend of 17 years, Tiffany Roy, in Nashville, Tennessee on November 5.

In an interview with People, Roy called exchanging their vows “the most magical part” of their lavish wedding.

“To hear Mike express his feelings in front of 200-plus people was astonishing and romantic. I really felt like a true Queen,” she gushed.

The 40-year-old revealed that their son Kobi walked Tiffany down the aisle to Beyonce’s “Halo,” the couple are also parents to three other children: their son MJ and daughters Kierstin and Naivi.

Tiffany confessed that the first few steps she took down the aisle were a blur, “For a few seconds, my mind was cloudy,” she recalled. “Everything was moving so fast that I could not hear or focus on my own thoughts.”

Roy said that it wasn’t “Until I felt my dress get caught on my shoe, which prevented me from walking.”

“That’s when everything became clear. I heard my son ask me, ‘Are you ready?’ and I said ‘Of course I am, I’ve been waiting a long time for this magical day.’ It was filled with so much joy, excitement, and happiness,” she continued.

Oher also took to Instagram to celebrate his recent nuptials with a photo of the newlyweds  holding hands at the altar.

“Filled with joy, can’t believe people took their time and came to celebrate,” he captioned the post. “My beautiful wife, I love you so much, thank you for blessing me with our family! Easily the best single weekend I’ve ever been apart of.”

He concluded, “Not being from the area everyone came to was even more special. I won’t be able to tell everyone thank you, if I saw you this weekend, thank you! I’m complete, let’s keep trending upward.”

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