Mariah Carey Responds to Martha Stewart's Plea Not to Skip Over Thanksgiving

Mariah Carey is reassuring Martha Stewart that Thanksgiving is still a holiday.

The self-proclaimed queen of Christmas replied to the 81-year-old’s plea to not skip over Thanksgiving after the singer declared the beginning of “#MariahSZN” at the strike of midnight on November 1st.

While making an appearance on “The Today Show,” Stewart called out the 52-year-old “All I Want For Christmas is You” artist to ask her not to fast forward from Halloween to Christmas.

“Mariah, you know me, I’m a traditionalist with a twist. And you cannot give up Thanksgiving just because you don’t like turkey,” the television personality said. “I love turkey, and many, many other people love turkey. So do not think we are going to give up Thanksgiving just because you say so.”

Carey responded to Stewart in a tweet where she promised the business woman that she did not intend to cancel Thanksgiving.

“Dearest Martha!! NEVER will I give up Thanksgiving!! But we can still start getting into the festive spirit now!” she quipped. “P.S I’d love to have you at my Thanksgiving dinner although I’ve yet to be invited to your Thanksgiving extravaganza! And THAT is MAJOR! Esp if Snoop’s coming!”

Stewart”s call out came after Mariah shared a video to Instagram as the clock struck midnight on Halloween on the East Coast and she kicked off what she called, “MariahSZN.”

In the fun clip Carey can first be seen in Halloween mode, rocking a black, body-hugging jumpsuit, black leather tie-up thigh-high boots, black hair and black witch’s hat as she rides an exercise bike. The pop diva is surrounded by pumpkins and trees — and the footage is in black and white.

She then cackled like a witch, before a calendar appeared on the screen, showing the date as November 1. At the same time, the video — and Carey — transitioned into holiday mode.  The background was full of holiday decorations, the Grammy winner’s outfit turned into a red Santa jumpsuit, and the workout bike became a reindeer.

Carey then can be heard singing, “It’s time,” ending on her famous whistle note. “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, of course, started playing.

“IT’S TIIIIIIIIME!!!!!!!! 🎄🎉❤️#MariahSZN,” she captioned the clip.

Following her tradition, Carey posted a similar video last year, declaring the end of Halloween at midnight on November 1. Carey did the same in 2020 and in 2019, she dropped a 25th-anniversary version of her “All I Want for Christmas Is You” music video.

The holiday track — which is one of the best-selling Christmas songs of all time — first hit the charts in 1994. However, it took the single 25 years before it reached its place at number one on Billboard’s Hot 100 list in 2019.

In December 2020, Carey broke records on Spotify for the song, with the highest single-day streams on December 25 with 17.223 million listens.

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