Keke Palmer Transforms Into Both Rogue and Rapunzel for Halloween

Keke Palmer is granting wishes this Halloween.

Fans have been calling for her to take on two iconic roles — a Disney Princess and a Marvel hero.

And over the spooky weekend, Keke realized those fantasies with not only Rapunzel and Rogue costumes but even videos featuring some real production value.

The caption for her take on “Tangled” read: “I heard y’all were looking for Rapunzel?” She followed the video with a picture that had the caption, “You ask, so you shall receive.”

Next, the actress dressed as X-Men icon Rogue in a mock-filming of a CGI heavy movie, which she captioned: “There’s nothing I won’t do for you guys! In your Marvel Universe, I’ll always be your Rogue.” She then shared a concept poster for the superhero movie with Keke in the center.

Fans have been calling for the actress to fill both of the roles.

Back in September, Palmer had posted a screenshot on Instagram of a fan wishing for the actress to play a live-action Rapunzel with “100 ft box braids.” Palmer endorsed this wish, captioning the post with, “The internet already has me booked all next year. I’m not available until 2024 at this pace.”

Fans have also pined for her to play the Marvel hero, which Keke told, “I’m ready for Rogue.”

Disney are you listening?

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