Katherine Schwarzenegger Shares Glimpses of Daughters with Chris Pratt in Rare Family Post For Thanksgiving

Katherine Schwarzenegger and husband Chris Pratt tend to keep their family life under the radar, but this Sunday was a special treat as Schwarzenegger took to Instagram to share moments from the holiday weekend.

The self-help author captioned her post with, “A weekend of yummy food, lots of love, a baptism, first holiday season and family. I am so grateful and thankful for these memories.”

The memories she is grateful for are reflected in a photo dump that showcases pictures of family members, including Schwarzenegger’s mom, sister, brothers and grandfather. Pratt is also featured in the photos, as well as their two daughters: their 6-month-old baby Eloise and 2-year-old toddler Lyla.

In addition to the family group shots, followers can see pictures of poinsettias, Lyla’s holiday outfit, Schwarzenegger’s grandfather holding baby Eloise the day of her baptism, as well as the public figure giving back at St. Monica’s church.

This Thanksgiving is especially important to the family because it is their first one as a family of four. Baby Eloise is only seen twice in the post, once with her face away from the camera as her grandfather holds her, and her head peeking up from a stroller as her mom shops for poinsettias. Lyla’s face is not pictured either.

The “Jurassic World” star and his wife did not publicly post Eloise until 2 months after her birth, and the first post only showed her tiny hand. Since, followers have seen more photos of the baby, but her face as well as Lyla’s remain a mystery.

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