Julia Fox Rails Against 'Anti-Aging Products, Cried on 27th Birthday Because of Getting Older

As always, Julia Fox is keeping it real with her fans and followers. On Saturday evening, she took to TikTok to talk about the challenges of aging for women, and especially women in Hollywood.

In a series of video posts, the 32-year-old actress and fashionista opened up about her own struggles with growing older and railed against the industry targeting women with “anti-aging” products.

In her first post, she went so far as to say that the next time she sees that “anti-aging” label on a product, she’s going to court. “If I see another product that says anti-aging on the label, I’m suing,” Fox argued. “I’m going to sue because I’m going to age regardless of if I put that f—ing $500 serum on my face, and you all f—ing know it!”

“Let’s stop lying to ourselves, getting old is f—ing hot, okay? It is sexy,” she continued. “It is probably the sexiest time in life, actually, because being pretty and hot in your 20s is the f—ing trenches, okay, and I’m not going back there.”

It’s clear that Fox has come a long way with her self-love in regards to her own aging, as one of the first comments to her video was someone clapping back at her by writing, “Girl, what are you 30? Please.”

Seeing this comment, Fox jumped right back on the platform to address it and explain not only how 30 is indeed not young, but how in the world of entertainment it is at the very same time considered old.

She then got personal with her own story of struggle as a working actress in Hollywood, sharing that she spent her 27th birthday in tears “because I could no longer say mid-20s; I’d officially be in my late 20s.”

“This is how deep this s— is for women,” she said, sharing a story about a guy she used to buy her vape from who always told her how great she looked ‘for your age.” That is the reality of what women deal with, as their beauty is always equated with youthfulness.

The actress took a deeper dive into the trauma of turning 27 in another follow-up post, getting real about just how aggressively nasty she was to her friends, including a good friend who flew in to try and cheer her up. That friend, she shared, is no longer with us.

She admitted that she was screaming at them for trying to celebrate her, forbidding anyone from posting her birthday to social media because she really wanted to pretend this wasn’t even happening.

“That’s sad,” she said of her own behavior, “Because Harmony, the girl [who flew in], she died. She’s not even gonna have the privilege of getting older, you know. So we deny ourselves these milestones for what?”

Fox recently made a fashion statement which she described to Vogue as a “love letter to getting older,” when she appeared at the CFDA Fashion Awards on Monday with roots visibly sprayed gray.

At the same time, Fox also admitted this week to a low-key anti-aging technique when she commented on another user’s post about using skin tape overnight on her face to combat wrinkles.

“Omggg I thought I was the only person that did this,” commented Fox.

Clearly, she still has a complicated relationship with her own aging, but it is encouraging to see her at least trying to get in front of it with a message about positively embracing all aspects of the process.

Fox also reluctantly addressed her more recent weight loss as she said some of her followers were doing a “deep dive” into the land of speculation as to why she’s lost weight. She sets the record straight in the clip below.

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