Joss Stone Split Uterus Giving Birth to Her Second Baby: 'His Head Went Into My Abdomen'

Joss Stone is recalling the details of her harrowing 30 hour labor.

In an interview with PEOPLE, the 35-year-old “Super Duper Love” singer opened up about her “scary” birth experience that required an emergency c-section after her newborn son Shackleton split her uterus.

“[Shackleton’s] heartbeat was at normal rate. And then all of a sudden, it just slowed down, massively slowed down. I thought, ‘Oh, that’s my baby. That’s not good,'” Stone said, recalling the chain of events.

The Grammy Award Winner, who also gave birth to her daughter via c-section in 2021, was already 30 hours into labor when a nurse called in an emergency obstetric team. Despite her best efforts to prepare for a natural birth, Stone revealed she was in “massive amounts of pain” before requiring a c-section procedure.

“She comes up to me and she goes, ‘The room is going to fill up with a lot of people. Don’t worry about it. Just stay calm.’ Then [partner DaLuz] looks at me and he said the same thing,” she continued.

Stone explained that her birth plan was to simply “birth my baby” — telling the medical team, “if something goes wrong and if my baby’s in danger, you guys are going to birth my baby. I’m just going to give it to you.’ That is exactly what I did.”

She remembered a swarm of 15 doctors and nurses in the room who were “talking over me” until her baby’s heartbeat “massively slowed down.”

“He was coming down the birth canal, and when my uterus split, his head went into my abdomen and he went back up,” Joss said. “They had to bring him back to breathing again.”

The English musician said she was brought into an operating room and remembered her surgeon saying, “‘OK, we’re going to sleep,’ and then I woke up, I had my baby and everything was okay.”

“It was like having 15 angels fly into the room. They were trying to make me feel comfortable. They were very nice and professional and made me feel safe,” she said, expressing her gratitude for her hospital team.

Stone shares Shackleton with her partner Cody DaLuz as well as their daughter Violet who is 21-months-old.

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