Jana Kramer Confronts Meghan King For Calling Her Ex-Husband Mike Caussin 'Hot'

Jana Kramer is opening up about a DM exchange with Meghan King that rubbed her the wrong way.

On Sunday’s episode of her “Whine Down” podcast, the actress confronted the reality star after she called her ex-husband Mike Caussin “hot” during a conversation over Instagram.

Before King, who was Kramer’s guest, appeared on the podcast, the “One Tree Hill” alum broke down the situation for her listeners.

Kramer, 38, said back in February, she and King, also 38, were “acquaintances on Instagram” and “related” to one another as they had been through similar “situations.”

Kramer filed for divorce from Caussin in April 2021, and their divorce was finalized that July. King, meanwhile, split from ex-husband Cuffe Owens in December 2021, and their marriage was annulled in July. She was famously married to retired MLB star Jim Edmonds for five years from 2014 to 2019, and split following Edmonds’ alleged infidelity.

“[Our] stories are very similar,” said Kramer, who endured numerous cheating scandals with Caussin. She added that some of her conversations with King involved them telling each other they’re “strong.”

However, the country singer said, “there was something that she said in our DMs that really bothered me,” adding, “It just irked me, and we haven’t spoken since that.”

“We were basically talking about how her ex Jim is making things difficult for her and I agreed … it’s like, ‘How do they hate us when they were the ones that blew lives up right?'” Kramer said. “And she goes … ‘At least your ex is hot.'”

“So I go, ‘I’m sorry that kind of bothered me. I would never say your ex is hot, especially knowing how much he hurt you. Anyways, have a great day,'” she added, again noting that it was the “last” time she spoke to King.

The “Friday Night Lights” star continued to share her thoughts on King’s comment.

“First, what does being hot have to do with it?” she said. “… Because to me, when a man disrespects a woman, you ain’t hot, ever. You’re done.”

“I’ve dated some very attractive men,” Kramer added. “The second you lie to me, you are the ugliest human in a room to me. Or cheat, you are ugly to me. And I would never be like, ‘At least he was hot.’ The hotness has nothing to do with it.”

She then said King later apologized. “She’s like, ‘Sorry Jana, I was trying to lighten it up. I thought he was a good-looking guy when I saw him on your feed, I was trying to find a silver lining,'” Kramer recalled. “I would’ve said, ‘At least you have beautiful children.’ That’s the silver lining.”

King then joined Kramer on the podcast — and the two spoke about the situation, with the former sharing her side of the story.

“I guess I can see what you’re saying, but in my opinion, I was trying to give you a compliment and I was trying to make light of a s—-y situation,” she told Kramer, adding, “We both know it sucks. And so it’s like, ‘Alright we both have these s—y situations, but at least he’s hot,’ and I said that because I don’t know, I thought it was a compliment. I thought it was a nice thing to say.”

“I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, and I apologized. That was never my intention,” King told Kramer. “But I certainly wasn’t making light of anything.”

Kramer — who shares daughter Jolie, 6, and son Jace, 3, with Caussin — appeared to accept King’s apology, but she stressed that her children are her “silver lining,” not her ex-husband’s looks.

“For me, it’s like, we have our kids and I’m grateful that was the silver lining for that relationship,” she explained. “And I’m never going to take away him as a dad and I’m glad he’s the father… I have to have a silver lining.”

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