‘I will become a hero when I go to heaven’: Aftab on death penalty

New Delhi: Following the death of Shraddha Walker by the accused and her live-in partner Aftab Ameen Poonawalla many developments have been made. In this regard, shocking information has been revealed after the interrogation and the polygraph test of Aftab by the police.

Aftab’s bigoted mentality came to the fore

According to a police officer, he has said that even if he is hanged for the murder of Shraddha, he will not regret it. He thinks he will become a hero when he goes to heaven. Not only this, he also told that he had relations with more than 20 Hindu girls during his relationship with Shraddha. Aftab’s bigoted mentality has come to the fore in his statement to the police.

Aftab killed Shraddha after a fight

Police investigation revealed that the couple had a fight on May 18 during which Aftab killed Shraddha. Delhi Police sources said the May 18 quarrel was not the first time, Aftab and Shraddha were fighting for three years.

“On May 18, there was a fight between the two regarding bringing household items from Mumbai. They used to fight over who would bear the household expenses and bring items. Aftab got very angry about this. The quarrel started around 8 pm on May 18 when Aftab strangled Shraddha to death. He kept her body in the room overnight and went to buy a knife and refrigerator the next day,” sources told ANI.

Aftab was arrested on Saturday after Delhi police started probing into a missing complaint filed by Shraddha’s father Vikas Walker. He had attempted to dupe the police of Delhi and Mumbai in the initial days of the investigation.

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