Husband comes out of jail after 20 years, kills brother who was involved with wife

New Delhi: A man reached his home after serving 20 years in prison for the crime of murder. But on returning back to home he found something that swept him off his feet. He was unaware that his wife is now involved with someone else. But on finding out that his wife involved with his elder brother, he was shocked. He wanted to seek revenge for this and one day he got an opportunity to do this.

Husband murder his wife’s lover

This heart-wrenching incident is from Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh. The name of the accused is Dharamveer, who is a resident of Dalipur village under Bhamora police station area. Dharamveer had returned home just five months back after serving 20 years in jail for a murder case.

But from the time he went to jail to the time he came back home, his world had changed. He was newly married when he went to jail. While serving his sentence in jail, he kept remembering his wife every day. When he returned home, he came to know that his wife was involved with Dharamveer’s own elder brother.

Dharamveer killed his brother using an axe

On enquiring about this from his wife, he came to know that she had no one to support her after she went to jail. In this situation his elder brother helped her wife a lot. This is the reason why she got involved with the elder brother of her husband.

Dharamveer got really furious after hearing the entire truth. He was really eager to take revenge, however, he stayed in his house for 5 months. During this time he had several arguments with his wife and brother. But the fire grew inside him to take revenge from his father. One day the matter escalated so much that Dharamveer picked up the ax and attacked his brother several times. The attack was so fatal that the brother died on the spot.



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