HP conducts India Gaming Landscape Study 2022 for career in gaming

New Delhi: HP India Gaming Landscape Study 2022: HP India conducted a study on gaming. During the HP India Gaming Landscape Study 2022, Vikram Bedi, Senior Director, HP India Market Personal Systems, said that 56 percent of female gamers would like to see their career in gaming.

The Gaming Landscape Study 2022 was conducted by HP India on Thursday, November 24, in which it was found that people are looking at gaming as their career after talking to various gamers. Gaming is perceived as a form of peace of mind, entertainment and social life. Let us know about it in detail.

According to HP India’s Gaming Landscape Study 2022, 56 percent of female gamers now prefer to turn their gaming hobby into a career. At the same time, 50 percent want to turn their hobby into a profession, while 45 percent consider playing games as a good way to earn money.

Everyone likes to be a gamer

According to the second edition of “HP India Gaming Landscape Study 2022”, being a gamer is still the hottest trend these days. He is also interested in other options such as becoming an influencer or game software developer.

Games are the best for peace of mind

Gaming is also seen as a source of fun and relaxation (92 percent), improving mental agility (58 percent) and socializing (52 percent).

PC the most popular device for playing games

The study reports that PC is the most preferred device for gaming as 68 percent of gamers voted for PC as it offers an immersive display with better processor, design and graphics.

Vikram Bedi, Senior Director, Personal Systems, HP India Market, said, “The gaming environment in India represents a huge opportunity for the youth and at HP we support gamers on their journey by providing them with knowledge, tools and opportunities. increase qualifications. Committed to support. Help them improve in their sport through OMEN’s community initiatives.”

The benefits of PC gaming are also convincing mobile gamers to switch, with 39 percent of mobile gamers planning to migrate to PC for gaming. According to the study, only 2 percent of respondents received formal gaming training.

While most players rely on personal skill upgrades to improve their game performance, 32 percent follow a game star to improve their skills.

Vikram Bedi further added that “the strong preference for PC games represents a huge business opportunity for us. We are focused on creating the best experiences based on user insights to enable a holistic and enhanced gaming ecosystem in India.”

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