How Katharine McPhee and David Foster Keep Romance Alive

Katharine McPhee is revealing the secret to her marriage to David Foster.

In an interview with Fox News, the “Country Comfort” star opened up about the “really simple” way the couple stay “connected” to each other in their marriage of three years.

The 38-year-old actress revealed that she and Foster, 73, don’t have “extravagant” excursions, but rather go a simpler route.

“We just love being able to go to a movie and have dinner together,” McPhee shared. “There’s nothing extravagant about what we like to do. We just want to reconnect. I love to just sit and have dinner with him. I’ll have a glass of wine – he doesn’t drink. And we just talk. That’s our time together that we always make sure to have.”

She continued, “We have a very hectic schedule so that’s really important to us, to carve out that time each day. And there’s always something to talk about whether it’s our family, our son – it’s our time.”

The couple exchanged their vows in June 2019 after being engaged for nearly a year. They also welcomed their son Rennie in February 2021.

In addition to their low-key date night rituals, McPhee explained that their working relationship helps them stay connected and comfortable.

“We’ve been colleagues long before we were in a relationship together,” She continued. “Then we became friends. So I’m very accustomed to being on stage with him, sharing a stage with him, being in the recording studio with him. That was first before anything. That’s where we’re the most comfortable together. It doesn’t create any friction between us at all. There’s no kind of unknown between us. That’s where it all started for us.”

The couple have used their professional chemistry to release their first album together titled, “Christmas Songs” that will release on Nov. 25.

Katharine also told the publication about the joy of witnessing 16-time Grammy Award winner’s musical prowess in the studio.

“I’m always marveling at his ability to have an idea in [his] head and manifest it into something,” she explained. “Working with David is the best because he knows exactly what he wants, what he needs from you. Being his wife and also his fan before we were even married, I have an immense respect for him… And it’s been so much fun. We had the summer together and thought about just releasing a few songs on social platforms… but the idea turned into so much more.”

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