Google workspace plans individual storage upgrades from 15GB to 1TB, Details inside

New Delhi: Google is giving good news to the users. The company is increasing the storage capacity for Workspace users. That is, in the coming times, Google Workspace Individual Account will come with 1TB of secure cloud storage instead of 15GB of storage.

You will not need to do any setting for this. All accounts will automatically convert from 15GB storage to 1TB storage. Google has given information about this in a blogpost. The company’s blog post states that more features are being released for workspace individual users.

Apart from this, it is also being made available in other countries. Let us tell you that Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) is a cloud-based productivity suite. It allows individual user and office team to work from anywhere on any device.

Globally, 8 million users are paying Google for Google Workspace. In this, 2 million customers have been added in the last two years. During the remote work at the time of Corona, there was a jump in it.

If you do not use Google Workspace, you will not get this feature. To use Google Workspace, the company’s subscription plan has to be taken. The price of the plan starts from Rs 125 per month.

The company has also said that the multi-send mode feature is being launched. This will allow users to easily mail multiple recipients. This is a great option for sending newsletters and announcements.

How to upgrade storage

Let us tell you that nothing has to be done to upgrade the storage. The company will automatically increase the storage to 1TB. For this you need to have a Google Workspace account.

Google Drive will be more secure

Google Drive will be more secure now. For this, the company will provide inbuilt protection feature. With this, the data of users will be safe from threats like malware, spam and ransomware.

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