From childhood lover to father of son, husband turns out to be gay

New Delhi: A woman named Maddie was living a good life with her boyfriend. However, things turned upside down when she saw a boy’s love message on her boyfriend Don Negrea’s phone. She was unable to accept the fact that the guy with whom she was living, had a six year old child actually turned out to be gay. She later decided to part ways from Dion.

After her breakup, Maddie started living with her six-year-old child. Whereas, Dion kept trying to hide his true identity. Due to this he also got addicted to drugs. Dion, who lives in Melbourne, Australia, said that he had become addicted to drugs in an attempt to hide his sexuality. It was very difficult. It was like a stigma. But then he faced the truth.

He found true love in rehab

Dion, 26, went into rehab after separating from Maddie, where she was joined by 30-year-old Leigh Fox. Finding true love, his life blossomed again. Dion spent 15 months in rehab to break free from drug addiction. He then comes to Maddy and tells her that he is gay and that someone has entered his life.

All three together take care of the child

Maddie told that she has always loved Dion. We were good together. But when he came back from rehab he told me that he slept with some man. I was glad to hear this. She says that I think if it was a girl, I would not be so happy. Dion and Leigh made their relationship official in July 2022. Maddie lives with her son, Braxton, while Dion and Leigh are together but still have a family all around. In fact, Braxton is very close to his father Dion and expects him to be around. So he is always with his child. Leah also helps him with that.

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