“Fix political crisis before Bharat Jodo Yatra enters state”: Rajasthan Congress leader

Jaipur: Rajasthan Congress leader Khiladi Lal Bairwa urged the party leadership on Thursday to fix all the issues within the politcal outfit before the Bharat Jodo Yatra enter Rajasthan in the first week of December.

This comes after Rajasthan Congress in-charge Ajay Maken wrote to party president Mallikarjun Kharge in which he expressed his unwillingness to continue in his post.

Bairwa, who is the party’s MLA and Rajasthan SC Commission Chairman, said, “Before Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Rajasthan, the party high command should take all important decisions related to Rajasthan.”

“All decisions from Chief Minister to changing ministers should be taken before Rahul Gandhi’s visit,” Bairwa said.

“It is a matter of great misfortune and regrets that our General Secretary in charge has to express his pain in this way. The high command should take cognizance of this matter soon. Maken had given the example of 25th September and that entire episode happened in front of him,” he said.

Calling the post of state in charge a form of “high command” in any state, Bairwa said that if he is suffering, then the common people are also suffering in the state.

“The state in charge is the form of high command in any state, if he is suffering like this then common people are also suffering here. Before Rahul Gandhi’s visit, I will request the high command, whatever the pending issues of Rajasthan are, please sort them out. Those who talk about blocking the organization, everyone should understand that the government in Rajasthan is ours,” he said.

The Congress leader further suggested calling a “one-to-one talk” should be held with the MLAs by calling a with the high command.

“Such a big yatra of Rahul Gandhi is coming in Rajasthan and till now no one has talked to the Congress MLAs after meeting them,” he added.

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