Five duped into selling kidneys to Borella hospital

Five people, including a kidney donor lodged a complaint at the Borella Police against a private hospital located in Borella, stating that they were duped into donating  their kidneys on the promises of cash rewards but failed to provide the promised money after taking kidneys.

These complaints have been submitted by a resident of Michael Mawatha, Kochchikade who is a welder by profession, a resident of Sri Pannananda Mawatha, Colombo who works as a road cleaner, a resident of Sirisada Sevana housing complex in Bloemendhal who is employed as a welder, a resident of Mirania Street, Colombo 13 who is a labour and a resident of Sathiru Sevana, Colombo 15.

Those who have complained are 26, 32, 33, 41 and 42 years old.A private media company had made a special disclosure recently in this regard and the Police has started receiving complaints regarding this after this revelation.

A person named Sadun, a resident of Sirisada Sevana housing complex located in Bloemandhal, has intervened to connect these five complainants with the relevant hospital through a person named Bhai. Then, complainants were informed by the hospital that promised money would be given to them after the kidney donation. The Police said that these complainants were referred for medical tests and finally underwent surgery to remove their kidneys and transplanted them to others. However, the complainants have not been given the promised money after the surgery.

The police have received information from the investigations that the scam was revealed by a media organization following the information given by the person named Sadun who found people to donate kidneys to that hospital.

After the revelation through the media, a police officer who is in contact with the hospital brought these people to a church in Borella along with people related to the hospital and gave them Rs.200,000 each and left. It has been revealed the police officer also threatened the people who gave the kidneys that the selling of kidneys is illegal.

It has now been revealed that the Police official is a Police Inspector working for the Colombo Fraud Investigation Bureau.

The Police have received information that this officer had previously worked in the Western Province Intelligence Bureau and was suspended for working due to his attempt swwep the murder murder of the owner of Biyagama Village Hotel under the carpet.

A Senior Police officer said that an investigation will be initiated against this Police officer and an investigation has also been initiated regarding thefive complaints regarding kidney trafficking.




by dailynews sri lanka

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