Elon Musk’s accounted started tweeting in Hindi, then THIS happened

New Delhi: The parody of account of Twitter CEO Elon Musk recently got viral for some of the tweets posted by the account. The account posted some controversial tweets from the verified account.

The account belonged to Ian Woolford

Twitteratis were taken aback at first as they got the impression of Musk tweeting in Hindi. it would have something to talk about only if this was true. It was later revealed that that account belonged to Ian Woolford. He is a professor of Hindi at La Trobe University in Melbourne. His ethnicity is American-Australian. Woolford, has changed his name to “Elon Musk”.

After that he has taken the Twitteratis with a storm with hilarious tweets that he posted from the account. The bio of his account read, “Twitter Complaint Hotline Operator” which is identical to the bio on Musk’s profile. He tried to create a similar copy of the original Twitter account of Elon Musk.

Woolford did not changed his username

However, Woolford did not changed his username so that he can retain his blue verification badge. The account has now been suspended and it seems highly unlikely that Twitter is going to reinstate the account.

Here are some of the tweets posted from the parody account

Some of the tweets that were posted from the suspended account were retrieved by News 24 after the account was suspended.
Some of his tweets that were posted in Hindi from his account read, “Twitter tere tukde honge” gang ko bhi $8 dene padenge!” Another tweet read, “Ye bik gayi ha chidiya #TwitterLayoffs.
Some other tweets read, “bade bade shehron me aesi choti-choti baatien hoti rehti hai…hai na?” Another tweet posted from the account was the lyrics of a Bhojpuri song. It read, “…kamariya kare lapalap ki lollipop lagelu.”
Elon Musk parody account

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