Economy to see a positive turnaround if Budget proposals implemented - Prof. Hennayake

Sri Lanka’s economy will see a positive turnaround by the end of 2023 if the Budget proposals for next year are implemented in a scientific manner under proper supervision, Prof. Nihal Hennayake of the University of Colombo said.

He stated this at a press conference held at the Department of Government Information yesterday.

Prof. Hennayake said the Budget presented by President Ranil Wickremesinghe in his capacity as the Finance Minister consisted of proposals to short term and long term solutions to the country’s present economic crisis.

“In order for Sri Lanka to become a developed country by 2048, these proposals will have to be implemented without limiting them only to mere words,” he stressed. Stating that the politicians alone will not be able to find solutions to the present economic crisis, the Professor stressed that the public also should change their attitudes in order to achieve economic prosperity.

“Unlike in the previous Budgets, Sri Lanka should introduce an acceptable mechanism to increase tax revenue, disburse relief and rations among the needy people and effectively implement the Government policies within a given period to achieve economic prosperity,” Prof. Hennayake further said.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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