Do you make it out on bed frequently? THESE signs will tell if it is Hypersexual disorder

New Delhi: Sex is a natural phenomena which is the need of every human. Not just humans, all living beings do it from time to time. However, if this need exceeds the limit and someone becomes obsessive then it can turn into a source of trouble. The condition has been recognized by medical science as hypersexual disorder. Let us have a look who can be diagnosed with this condition, what problems can it lead to and can it be treated?

What is hypersexual disorder?

Addiction to sex is also known as hypersexual disorder. The behavior is a compulsive sexual behavior disorder. In this condition a person is obsessed with sex, sexual fantasies, or sexual acts. A person who suffers from hypersexuality is engaged in consuming excessive pornographic material, excessive masturbation, or engaging in sexual activities with multiple partners.

Problems caused by hypersexuality

Hypersexuality has negative effects that can affect you physically and emotionally. These impacts include:

– A sense of shame
– Risk of sexually transmitted infections
– Using drugs or alcohol
– Committing a sexual offense
– Mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety
– Tension in relationships
– Conflict at work
– Having deadly thoughts

Possible hypersexuality treatment


One of the possible causes of hypersexuality is an imbalance in the brain. Medicines can help with this and can help reduce the symptoms of the condition.


Antidepressants are also given to the patient in some cases, as hypersexuality can be caused by other mental health conditions such as depression.


Psychotherapy includes the most common forms of therapy for a person living with hypersexuality to heal their condition and deal with the condition.

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