Crazy about handbags? Know right way to style it, check out full details

New Delhi: Purses and handbags are essential for every woman. In this article, know how to choose a handbag that matches your personality. 

The handbag is both revealing and concealing, and also represents something very personal to the wearer.

It is large because it evolved from the silk purse or pocket for protection. In the olden days, pockets were used almost in every cloth like in underwear, secret pockets in luxurious clothes and could be accessed through slits in skirts.

The prototype handbags known as reticules were made in the late 18th century. Exquisitely embroidered, handled pouches in damask, satin, and velvet allowed women to carry their cosmetics, a fan, salt, and their business cards without compromising the slim fit of the then-trendy empire-line dresses.

Types of handbags

Handbags still hold a strong connection to our possessions, which is probably why they hold the same level of appeal today.

If you are unsure of the bags you can pair with different dresses that will best complement your look and personality, this article should help you identify your personality style and the accessories to go with it.

If you prefer a minimalist approach and have a laid-back personality, choose from the classic collections to amp up your style. When it comes to classic looks for a low-key and sophisticated personality, some high-end Original Leather bags from ‘larida’ can help you amp up your style quotient.

If you are a person with a bold and assertive personality, then ‘monada’ bags adorned with a variety of colour bursts will best represent your personality and make a unique style statement of your own.

How to style handbags? 

If you are a free-spirited personality at heart, make sure you choose an accessory that is always ready for any adventure like you. You can amp up your on-the-go style with our collection of ‘Mi-Gear’, which includes a wide range of Backpacks and Sling Bags that are the perfect amalgamation of fashion and practicality. Just as you don’t have to sacrifice your needs to let your personality shine through, you don’t have to sacrifice your style for the best practical accessory. ‘My-Gear’ is both practical and fashionable; It is undoubtedly one of the best ways to enhance your style and personality.

A bag for us to carry mobile phones, makeup, laptop, charger, purse, keys, and many more which becomes an important part of our daily life especially when we go for an adventure in mountains and jungles. That’s why we believe the perfect combination of both quality and craftsmanship is important.

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