Cocktails for the Weekend: 5 choices to avoid that taste of Alcohol

New Delhi: Can you smell the Weekend? I can, so its time for some drinks and chills. Often our mind cling onto which cocktail to go for- rather because we sometimes don’t like to taste the alcohol.

There are many people who doesn’t want to have hardcore drinks like scotch or whiskey.  But we often get confused as to which cocktail to choose. Because we all love trying something new. No worries, we bring you five refined cocktail drinks that will hardly make you feel that ‘overpowering’ taste of alcohol.

Here people shared Cocktail ideas to avoid the taste of Alcohol

Anything with a lot of juice, but I find drinks with vodka or rum tend to blend the best. Anything with “martini” in it is probably too much vodka, though. So try a Mai Tai or a Cosmo. CatrionaShadowleaf

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2. Malibu rum with pineapple juice . Sweet, can’t taste the rum. Ember357

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3. Maybe a seltzer? Easy to drink imo. If you don’t like drinking you can order a club soda with lime and people will think you’re drinking a gin and tonic or vodka soda. I do it a lot because sometimes I just don’t want to drink lmao. limeblue31

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4.  Pineapple upside down cake! You can get it as a drink or shot. It’s pineapple juice, vanilla vodka and grenadine. MishMc98

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5.“Vodka with orange juice. It’s called a screwdriver.” – Volcanic_orange

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So this weekend go and try these amazing cocktails and make your happy hours happier.

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