Buying Second hand Electric car: Worth or not? Know

New Delhi: The demand for electric vehicles in the Indian market has grown rapidly in recent days. There are three big reasons for this. These include the skyrocketing prices of petrol and diesel, the growing trend of people towards electric cars and the aggressive policies of the government / car companies towards electric cars.

However, buying an electric vehicle is still a bit expensive in the average person’s budget. In such a situation, the demand for second-hand electric vehicles also increased rapidly. If you are also thinking of buying a used electric vehicle, you must keep these five things in mind.

If you are planning to buy a good used electric car, then it can be a bit difficult. It’s also because electric cars sell less than cars with an internal combustion engine. But the same can be beneficial in the sense that it is important to choose the right model.

Low running costs compared to petrol and diesel

Electric vehicle infrastructure in India is not great, but compared to a diesel or petrol car, electric cars are not that expensive. Electric cars have fewer moving parts. While petrol and diesel see a steady increase, the electric car is easily fully charged and can easily be driven in the city.

Most of India’s electricity is generated in thermal power plants, which use a lot of coal. However, electric cars are much more beneficial for the environment due to zero tailpipe emissions, especially compared to petrol or diesel vehicles.

Lower resale value

There is no doubt that the prices of electric cars depreciate faster than those of petrol and diesel cars. This also means that if electric vehicles are bought second hand, they are also available cheaper and better deals are also available. So, if you are planning to buy an electric vehicle, then this thing can work in your favor.


If we talk about the performance of electric vehicles, then it is the same or sometimes better than many cars with an internal combustion engine. However, there is also the issue of EV range. Electric cars are quieter, have a smoother drive and most of these electric cars are also equipped with an automatic transmission. This means that they can be easily driven around town. In addition, torque is also offered in most EVs.

Battery warranty and documentation

If you are planning to buy an EV on the used car market, it is important to make sure that your EV’s battery is under warranty, as it is the most vulnerable part of the EV. Whenever you buy an EV, like any other car, be sure to ask for the EV’s service history. Apart from this, registration certificate, insurance and NOC letter in case of loan transfer etc. should be inquired about.

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