BREAKING: Massive fire breaks out in Russian Café; 13 killed, 250 evacuated

New Delhi: A sudden fire broke out in a café in Russia, killing 13 people while about 250 people have been evacuated safely. The incident is from a café in Kostroma. It is being told that suddenly a fire broke out in the café on Saturday night. There is no clear information regarding the cause of the fire.

At least 13 people were caught in the fire

“According to preliminary information, 13 people were caught in the fire,” local governor Sergei Sitnikov said. Russian news agencies reported that 250 people had been evacuated from the building after a fire broke out at night in the city, about 300 kilometers (180 mi) northeast of Moscow.

Fifteen people were killed in a fire at the Polygon Café in Russia’s Kostroma, the on-site emergency headquarters told Interfax news agency.

— Novaya Gazeta Europe (@novayagazeta_en) November 5, 2022

Polygon Café was draped in fire

Sitnikov said there was a fire in a café named Polygon. After receiving information about the fire, fire tenders reached the spot and doused the fire. At least five others were injured, but they did not need to be hospitalized, he said.

Local emergency services said they were notified of the blaze at around 02:00 a.m. and the fire had spread to 3,500 square metres. Initial investigation has revealed that the fire started when someone fired from a gun during the dispute. At present, the incident is being investigated. Simultaneously, search is on for the person who used the flare gun.

Ikhtiyar Mirzoev, the owner of the Polygon cafe that burned down in #Kostroma, said that he would provide “all necessary assistance to the relatives and friends of the victims”.

According to preliminary information, only three of the seven fire exits of the café were working.

— NEXTA (@nexta_tv) November 5, 2022

A similar incident occurred in Russia  in 2009. More than 150 people died in a fire at the Lem Horse nightclub in Perm city.

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