Benefits of Sesame (Teel) during Winter Season, check out

New Delhi:  During winters, it is not only important what you are wearing to avoid the cold, but also what you eat. ‘Sesame’ is one, which proves to be definitely beneficial during this season.

Consuming sesame seeds is very beneficial for the body. ‘They contain many nutrients like fiber, iron, calcium and omega-6, which are beneficial for the body. So let’s know what are the benefits of eating sesame in winter.

Reduce hair fall

Hair fall is a common problem in winters, but consuming teel seeds in cold weather can prove to be a boon for your hair. Use of sesame oil or eating sesame daily reduces hair fall. This can also reduce the problem of dandruff in your hair to a great extent.

Effective in increasing immunity

Where the winter season gives relief from the scorching heat, on the other hand it also brings with it many types of infections, viral diseases. You can get rid of all these diseases. If you consume sesame daily in cold, then the amount of antioxidant becomes very high, which helps in increasing the immunity of the body.

Glowing skin benefits

The body and skin get nourishment from inside by consuming sesame seeds. Massage of teel oil also keeps the skin healthy. It moisturizes the skin and helps in bringing natural glow to the skin. Daily consumption makes the skin beautiful and glow starts appearing on the face.

Healthy heart

The risk of heart attack increases in the winter season, so eating sesame is beneficial to keep your heart healthy. They contain mono-saturated fatty acids which control the cholesterol level in the body, thereby reducing the risk of heart problems. Not only this, sesame also controls blood pressure.

Relieve stress benefits

Nutrients found in them helps in reducing stress. It also helps in building brain cells, which sharpens the mind and increases your ability to think and understand. That’s why you must eat sesame seeds daily. So you have seen the benefits of eating sesame seeds, so start consuming them from today itself.

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