Auto tips: Know how to wash your car properly!

New Delhi: Your car does not get old with time, so it is important to clean it. The car is washed to keep your car shining. Many people get this work done from outside, while some people think it is better to wash the car at home. However, many times people make some mistake while cleaning the car, which can cause damage to the car. So if you also do car cleaning at home, then do not sit by making the mistakes mentioned below. Otherwise your car will turn ugly instead of looking beautiful.

1. Use of Washing Powder

The first mistake that many people make is to use washing powder. The car should never be washed with washing powder or washing soap. Doing so can cause a lot of damage to the paint of the vehicle. There are special shampoos for car washing, use only those.

2. Use dry cloth

If there is dust on your car, do not clean it directly with a dry cloth. This leaves a lot of scratches on your car. So first remove the dust by adding water. Or use a cleaning brush.

3. Water Marks

Often people leave the car to dry like this after dusting it with water. Due to this, traces of water droplets are left on the entire vehicle. Always use soft and fibrous cloth to clean them.

4. Do not use chemicals

Many people use chemicals to shine the car. Water, microfiber cloth and shampoo is enough to clean your car. Apart from this, do not use unnecessary things.

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