Aftab made relationship with another girl in the same flat where he killed Shraddha

New Delhi: The murder of Shraddha has spread like a wildfire throughout the nation like a wildfire by now. People are cussing Aftab for the heinous act that he committed. Aftab had bought another girl to the same flat where he killed Shraddha.

Aftab made physical relationship with another girl

According to media reports, while Aftab was dating Shraddha he was involved with another girl. He bought the girl to the same flat and got involved with her physically where he killed Shraddha. According to media reports, a few days after the murder of Shraddha Walker, Aftab brought a girl to the same flat. It is possible that body parts of Shraddha would have been in the fridge while Aftab bought the other girl to her flat.

Police is identifying the other girl

It is now being probed whether the girl was aware that he had killed Shraddha. Police is also trying to identify the woman. After the murder, Aftab was working in a call center in Gurugram. In the investigation of Mumbai Police, it has also come to light that Aftab’s affair was going on with another girl.

Aftab took Google’s help to look for solutions

On May 18, Aftab strangulated Shraddha to death. He then took help from Google to find a solution to remove blood and DNA imprints. He bought the fridge only after reading from internet and cut Shraddha’s body into 35 pieces. He then cleaned the entire flat with a chemical solution.

To remove the foul odor emanating from the body, the accused used to burn incense sticks and spray spa room fresheners. He also used to order food online. Even after the murder, he remained so calm that no one suspected that a devil was hiding behind his calm face.

Aftab met Shraddha through a dating app

Aftab had met the victim in 2019 through a dating application. After dating for some time, the two fell in love. Later they started working together in a call center in Mumbai. Because of belonging to different religions, the family members of the couple were against their relationship. Following this the couple came to Delhi.

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