58-year-old evicted from chairman’s post as video with young girlfriend goes viral

New Delhi: A 58-year-old man named James Ellingford has been removed from the post of chairman of a pharmaceutical company. This happened because he was involved in a relationship with a much younger girl. Although James says that this was his personal matter, it was not causing any harm to the company. James and 23-year-old girl Britney Quale’s love is overshadowed on social media.

The couple living in Australia are very famous on Tiktok. James and Britney keep posting regular videos on their TikTok accounts. In some video they can be seen displaying their love and in some they are seen arguing. The views of the videos of both the people go into crores. James, known as Sugar Daddy in Australia, met Britney at a casino and both fell in love. They then started living together.

Here is what his daughter thinks about the relationship

James uploads regular videos on his Tiktok account. In a video, James tells that the age gap is more, but I always say love is love. At the same time, in a video, he is seen throwing 50 and 100 dollar notes at his girlfriend. James has four daughters and he also explains in a video what he has to say about this relationship. James says that he has four daughters, two agree to this relationship, while one has kept herself out of it. On the other hand, one of the daughter wants this to end.


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Videos of fighting posted online

In a video, James is expressing displeasure accusing his girlfriend of spending more. James can be heard saying that her girlfriend has asked to spend Rs 1 lakh 30 thousand while she spends around Rs 4 lakhs. He asks her to about getting the money back but his girlfriend cries about this. In another viral clip, James says that he does not like Chinese people and makes fun of them. There was a lot of controversy regarding that.

Was the company furious with James’ video?

It is believed that the videos that James puts on Tiktok has damaged the image of the company in which he worked. This is the reason why he was thrown out from the post of the non-executive chairman. Howevwer, the company has not given an official statement on the eviction.


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James gave a clarification

After being fired from the job, the 58-year-old man said that the work he was doing in the company was not affected by his Tiktok videos. He claims that the video was completely private and his partner is with him. He resigned from the company on November 17.

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