11 Actors Whose Kids Don't Like Watching Their Movies

Actors spend their entire careers making movies that millions of people around the world love but sometimes their toughest critics are the people closest to them! While many celebs are proud to showcase their hard work to their children, a lot of these stars say their kids are the hardest people to impress. In fact, many famous offspring don’t like watching their parent’s movies at all. Although it may be disappointing that their children aren’t interested in watching their mom or dad on screen, these celebrities are keeping their fingers crossed that their kids have a change of heart one day.

Here’s what these celebrity kids had to say about their parent’s movies…

1. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck’s three kids don’t have any interest in watching his movies so he has a hard time getting them to watch anything he’s been in. Out of the flicks he has convinced them to watch, Ben says they’ve only liked “Armageddon” — but still make fun of him for it.

“It’s funny because that’s the one movie of mine that my kids have watched and they’ll kind of all admit to liking, even though they relentlessly mock it and me. ‘What are you, driving a tank on the moon?’ But they had fun, you know what I mean? They won’t even watch ‘The Town.’ So there you have it,” Ben told EW.

2. Alexa PenaVega

“Spy Kids” may have been a staple in many people’s childhoods, but star Alexa PenaVega says her kids aren’t fans. In fact, they much prefer “Sharkboy and Lavagirl,” a film that a lot of fans incorrectly believe Alexa also starred in.

“Everybody thinks I was Lavagirl. I was not Lavagirl, but my kids only watch ‘Sharkboy and Lavagirl.’ They don’t like ‘Spy Kids.’ Kingston keeps telling me that I should have been Lavagirl,” Alexa told E! News.

3. Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler’s children may not be old enough to see the majority of his movies but they have seen a few of his PG-13 flicks. He explained that his daughters begged to watch the films but when he finally allowed them to see a few, they ended up hating them!

“They begged to see them. They’re like, ‘Please, it’s not fair. Let me watch your movies. Those people always yell things at you on the street and I don’t know what the heck they’re talking about.’ So I show them the movies they demanded and every time, I’d say about 20 minutes in, I see them tuning out, and then I hear them. They’re nervous to say it, but they’re like, ‘Can we watch something else?’” Adam said on “The Ellen Show.”

4. Idina Menzel

“Frozen” is beloved by children around the world but Idina Menzel’s son has no interest in the movie. In fact, Idina says he actually hates hearing her sing.

“Honestly he does not care about ‘Frozen’! When he was in kindergarten and wanted a couple of cool crayons from a girl, he was like, ‘Hey, my mom’s in ‘Frozen,’ I could get you an autograph.’ But other than that, he tells me to shut up in the car. I’m not allowed to sing,” Idina told People.

5. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow hates watching herself in movies — and her children have seemingly followed her lead. The actress says her daughter Apple thinks it’s “weird” when she’s on screen and has chosen to not watch any of Gwyneth’s movies.

“My kids have never seen me in a movie. I mean, I think my son has seen the ‘Iron Man’ things, but I don’t think my daughter has ever seen me in a movie,” she told People.

6. Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller admits that his children really don’t have any desire to see his films — even the ones that are meant for kids! Ben says his son and daughter have seen “Night at the Museum” but he doesn’t bother begging them to watch any others.

“They’ve seen one of my movies, ‘Night at the Museum.’ You don’t want to be the parent begging your kids to watch your movies. But I think they’ll come to it when they come to it,” he  told “Good Morning America.”

7. Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt’s children are still young and so far, they haven’t expressed any interest in watching their mom on screen. She says she’s shown them trailers for her movies and they have no desire to watch the videos more than once. The only exception they’ve made is for her recent film, “Jungle Cruise.”

“This, interestingly, has been the only trailer that they have watched multiple times. They are usually disinterested in seeing me on screen — they’re really into ‘Jungle Cruise,’” she said on “Live With Kelly and Ryan.”

8. Courteney Cox & David Arquette

Courteney Cox and David Arquette are an important part of the “Scream” franchise but their daughter Coco still hasn’t watched any of the flicks. In fact, Courteney says Coco doesn’t like watching any of their movies but she just might force her to watch the latest “Scream” flick.

“She’s seen part of ‘Scream 1’…She doesn’t like to watch anything we do…I’m gonna make her watch [‘Scream 5’] with her eyes open,” Courteney told Extra.

9. Matt Damon

Matt Damon says that his children don’t like watching his films, particularly his 15-year-old daughter Isabella. He says she often pokes fun at his work which helps keep his feet “firmly on the ground.”

“You know, my 15-year-old refuses to see [‘Good Will Hunting’]. She doesn’t want to see any movies that I’m in that she thinks might be good. She just likes to give me s–t,” he said during an appearance on “CBS Sunday Morning.”

10. Kate Winslet

When her children were younger, Kate Winslet says that they didn’t really express any interest in watching her movies. She even admitted that when they did sit down to watch “Titanic,” they only made it halfway through the movie.

“They haven’t actually seen anything, really, that I’ve done, to be honest, before. They saw half of ‘Titanic,’ but that was about it,” Kate told BBC News.

11. Reese Witherspoon

When Reese Witherspoon was asked if she’d ever let her children watch “Cruel Intentions,” she said that they probably wouldn’t want to considering they don’t like watching any of her movies, let alone one where their parents have sex on screen!

“They don’t have any interest in seeing me in a movie; it’s weird. It’s weird for them — they’re like, this is weird. And especially, like, seeing me and their dad having sex in the movie…” she said on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.”

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