What? Traffic Police deducting heavy challan for mere mistakes, know New Traffic Rules

Traffic Challan Alert: When driving on the road, we must all respect the traffic rules. You will be charged if we make a mistake or if the documents are not completed. We frequently observe the regulations solely to avoid invoicing. But keep in mind that the police create these rules for our safety. Helmet regulations are one of these rules.

Wearing a helmet when riding a two-wheeler is compulsory under the Motor Vehicles Act. A helmet keeps you safe while riding a two-wheeler. However, in India, it is frequently regarded as a burden. People wear helmets not only to preserve their lives, but also to avoid being challaned.

Even if you wear a helmet, you can be challaned; even after wearing a helmet, the law’s rules have taken effect. The new Motor Vehicle Act includes a severe challan for failing to follow helmet restrictions.

Let’s go over these rules-

Not fastening helmet strap to attract challan

According to the Motor Vehicle Act, wearing a helmet while driving a motorcycle or scooter but failing to tie its strap might result in a fine. A challan of Rs 1000 shall be deducted for the bike or scooter driver, according to MVA rule 194D.

BIS-certified helmets are must

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, the helmet shall always be BIS certified. If you buy a cheap helmet that is not BIS certified, your challan will almost certainly be deducted.

According to 194D MVA, failure to wear a BIS helmet can result in a fine of more than 1000. Helmets without BIS cannot protect your head and frequently break during accidents. Wear a good helmet not only for challan but also for yourself in such a case.

Challan for cracked helmet

The helmet is there to keep you safe. If you wear a defective or broken helmet in this situation, it will be useless to you. To illustrate, the traffic police can deduct your 1000 rupee challan.

Unlawful to sell helmets without BIS

Two years ago, the Central Government made it essential for helmets to be approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Making and selling helmets that are not BIS certified would also be prohibited.

Children must also wear helmets

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has amended the safety laws and established new guidelines for transporting children under the age of four on two-wheelers. While riding a scooter or bike with a child, a helmet and harness belt are required. In addition, the speed of a two-wheeler cannot exceed 40 kmph.

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